What is the DNAsimple Family Genetics Kit?

The DNAsimple Family Genetics Kit is a familial ancestry and genetic report that tells you how much you got from each side of your family and the significance of those traits and genes that are passed on as well as ancestry information. To this point, most companies in the space have focused on providing genetic testing analysis in a vacuum, meaning for individuals within the context of their data set. In simple language, these companies compare your genes to people you do not know and tell you how you compare to them. Instead of providing results for one individual, it compares the genetic backgrounds of any number of family members and tells which traits everyone shares with each other and exactly which ones are inherited on mom vs dad sides of the family.

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Finish signing up for your kit

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Receive kit in the mail in 3-5 days

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Return kit with saliva samples

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Receive your results in 4-6 weeks

Find out what traits you inherited from each side of your family and what you have in common with your siblings.

Find Out What Traits You Inherited

By tracking 77 traits DNASimple can help you find out what traits you inherited from each side of the family and what you have in common with your siblings