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Help people and Earn Money at the Same Time!

Signing up on DNAsimple is free. Every time we match you to a research study looking for someone with your background, we compensate you at least $50 for your participation- and this happens every time you qualify for a study.

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Earn Money With your DNA

Donors sign up on our website.

Researchers request any number of samples from any conditions, backgrounds or mutations.

Donors get a notification every time they match a researcher's request.

We ship a saliva kit for donors to provide samples

Once donors return kits, we give $50 to them (or charity of their choice)

DNA donations equal faster cures

Thousands of studies are delayed or canceled due to lack of donors every year. That means treatments and cures for diseases remain undiscovered. Your donation can help to double the pace of genetic research, saving or improving millions of lives.

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Find Genetic Samples in Three Easy Steps

Specify the patient population and disease of interest

Approve already consented and de-identified donors for real time studies.

Scientists can find genetic samples in 3 easy steps

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Your Privacy Is Important to us

Your privacy is important to our process. Your information is automatically de-identified so that a researcher will know that a sample has come from someone with their specified clinical characteristics but not that it came from "John Smith" from NYC