DNAsimple wants to empower you to contribute to genetic research in any way you'd like, even if you aren't the subject of a study. Our referral program helps research move even faster by providing more samples for studies and puts some extra change in your pocket. The details are below.

How do referrals work?

You get $10 every time someone you brought to DNAsimple donates to one of our studies! It's really as simple as that.

What is my referral token?

Your referral token is a just a special code that lets us know who you've referred to us. All users automatically get a referral token once they sign up.

Is there a limit?

There is no limit! If you bring friends who donate to dozens of studies, you'll be rewarded $10 for every single one of them.

How do I get paid?

Once you have some money in your referral balance, you can just go to your profile and click on the button that says "Referral Information." You'll see an option there to cash out. Once you click that, we'll send a check to the address listed for your account via USPS by the end of the month.

Does it cost me anything?

Absolutely not! Everything at DNAsimple is 100% free for donors. You just need a free DNAsimple account. You can get yours in under two minutes by clicking this link to our sign up page.

Can I refer my family?

Yes! There are no restrictions on who you can refer, but family referrals are strongly encouraged because they often help researchers more than unrelated individuals.

Why wasn't my referral counted?

Usually this means that the person you referred accidentally changed your token when they signed up. We can usually fix this, so if this happens, please send a message to or our Facebook page.